Semenax Review

Semenax Review

Semenax is only recommended for use by men who are truly serious about…

  • Turning Their Tiny Loads Into Massive Loads Packed With Power

  • Improving The Quality Of Sperm

  • Having Memorable Orgasms

Semenax is a male enhancement product that aims to increase the load that a man is able to put out. Not only has it been able to increase semen volume, but it has made men more fertile and provided them with orgasms that they often thought they could only dream of. This is one of the best semen volume products offered on the market currently.

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What the best Semenax package?

Your choices vary from 1 month to a full year. Now, when I’m looking for the best package for any male enhancement product, I’m looking for cool bonuses and awesome pricing. After all, I sure could use some extra money to purchase some goodies for the bedroom. icon smile Semenax Review Personally, go with the Diamond package. You get five free bonus gifts and you don’t have to worry about ordering again for a year. You save more money, since the cost for each bottle in the Semenax Diamond package is around $33 per month. When you want the best sexual experience, you need to get the best deal and I don’t think it could get any sweeter than this feature package. icon wink Semenax Review

Just so you know, they do offer a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days. Making it more secure when it comes to finding an effective product that will actually make you cum a lot more than before. icon smile Semenax Review

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Semenax Price Value

Since the minimum Semenax order is one month at a cost of $59.95 per month, this is a product that you should only buy if you are willing to make a long-term commitment to Semenax. Your best deals are with the multiple month packages, plus they throw in some free bonuses here and there, so you can’t really go wrong.

Semenax is a high quality male enhancement product and it’s worth every penny that they ask for it. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. icon smile Semenax Review

Semenax Ingredients

You can find an in-depth list of Semenax ingredients on their website. The formula they use for this particular male enhancement pill is very strong and clinically proven to make one cum more when they ejaculate, not to mention some other great benefits that I highlighted at the beginning of this Semenax review.

They go through high quality control standards to make sure their customers get the best semen pill possible. They’ll even provide you with certifications if you ask for them. Talking about some serious folks, that’s a good sign for any company you’re looking at doing business with. icon smile Semenax Review

Semenax Results

While I haven’t personally tried Semenax, I do thorough research to ensure I’m only recommending male enhancement products that I would use when the time came to do so. I found out that Semenax has some pretty good customer reviews, some of which can be found on the official Semenax website. Looks like they can also walk the walk. icon smile Semenax Review

Semenax Customer Support

You can get live customer support via phone, Monday thru Friday, 8:30AM-5:30PM PST. While it may not be around the clock, it’s good to know they are willing to put forth the work needed in order to ensure the highest customer satisfaction rates possible.

Semenax Contact Information

Manufactured By: Leading Edge Herbals Location : Gray, Tennessee In Business Since: 2003 Toll-Free Number: 1-866-621-6886 Mention the promotion code “70981″ for your special discount. icon smile Semenax Review

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12 Responses to “Semenax Review”

  1. charles yeboah

    21. Jun, 2010

    i have been useing semenax for sometine,and i have been expreincing very big chang positively ,i want to puchers more bottlel but my problem is that i am nomore useing credit card,.is there any way i can puchers semenax without credit card?

  2. Michael Arthur Nkwanga

    25. Jul, 2010

    i would like to have the diamond one year purchase of semenax. please do send me the payment details and how it will be shipped to uganda since am not in america.

    Mobile: +256-776-666800

  3. costantin malss

    04. Jan, 2011


  4. American Rag

    06. May, 2011

    I wanted to try using Semenax but I don’t an available credit card at the moment. Do I have other options to pay for it? Thanks

  5. Nkwanga Michael Arthur

    14. May, 2011

    I changed my contact number to 0772766800. Is the Diamond offer still on

  6. Chris

    21. May, 2011

    Hi Nkwanga, yes, Leading Edge Herbals is still offering the diamond package for both Semenax and Vigrx Plus, both of which I include in my enhancement stack daily (6 days on 1 day off)

  7. neb T

    26. May, 2011

    For how long do someone has to use this product,does it work permantely or its a temporary thing,for how long should I keep on taking the tablets.where can I get it in S.A?


    14. Jun, 2011


  9. ash

    28. Jun, 2011

    can this be send to malaysia?

  10. Craig Lattanville

    17. Aug, 2011

    Do I have to depend on Semenax ?

  11. Dee

    05. Sep, 2011

    If you have not used semenax before, please be aware of certain things:
    1: Your ejaculate IS going to increase dramatically!
    (I have often felt as if I needed to “pee”, yet it wasn’t from my bladder)
    2. If you do not allow release to happen often enough, the feeling of “blue balls” will be immense!
    3. Be prepared to ejaculate as much as 3-6 times in a session.
    4. Be careful! Sperm count increases too! If you don’t use protection, chances are you WILL get the woman you’re with pregnant. CERTAINLY.
    5. Your partner will be AMAZED by your force of ejaculation! (I have measured from a standing position, without exaggeration, after build up, shot 3-5ft w ease!)
    6. Orgasms last A LOT LONGER! (I’ve timed mine. usually lasts between 30-52 secs)
    7. Semenax is FOR REAL! I had a low sperm count for years. After taking Semenax, I can’t look back! And the effects LAST! Take my word!

  12. Name (required)

    27. Sep, 2011

    Could you send 4 bottles semenax at once to be paid for by credit cart . L ├žannot go through all the task of ordering process neither do l have the knowledge to do so. Aminugo justice ,lagos, nigeria.

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