How To Improve Semen Taste

fruits How To Improve Semen Taste If you are interested in improving the taste of the semen that you ejaculate when you have an orgasm, there are two primary ways to do it.  The first is through prevention of bad tasting semen and the second is through encouragement of good tasting semen.  More details are given below.

Get Rid Of Bitter/Salty Taste

When people complain about a bad taste in a person’s semen, there are a number of characteristics associated with that bad taste.  Semen that most people think tastes bad has a taste to it that is bitter, salty or has some other poignant taste to it that might be a combination of different things.  This taste is largely influenced by food and if you want to make the taste better you can cut these foods out of your diet.

Foods that make semen taste bitter:

  • coffee
  • onions
  • garlic

Foods that make semen taste salty:

  • red meat
  • dairy
  • any type of food with an excess of salt

Other foods that can make semen taste unpleasant:

  • cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • cabbage

NOTE: Excessive smoking also causes an unpleasant taste in semen.

Encouragement of the Good

Good semen in the opinion of most would be semen that has a sweeter taste to it rather than a bitter or salty one.  For that reason, doing things like drinking lots of water will help detoxify your body and in turn remove some of the things from your system that cause bitter or salty semen.

At the same time, consuming large amounts of fruits, vegetables and juices based on them will also help make your semen sweeter.  Cinnamon helps as well.

Final Words

The above ideas are merely guidelines to follow and by no means set in stone.  You will note however that having a healthy diet (i.e. one that does not overindulge in protein and is rich in fruits and vegetables) will contribute greatly to making your semen taste better.  If you need some motivation in order to get things going in this area, remember that you do not have to completely cut bad foods out of your diet, but merely reduce their intake to reasonable levels.

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  1. Anthony Cooper

    03. Nov, 2010

    I believe it has been noted that asparagus has a nauseating affect on the taste of semen, which would seem likely since so many men carry the genetic mutation which causes the vegetable to give their urine a highly unpleasant odor. On the other hand, I have often heard recommended the eating of cucumbers before anticipated oral sex because of the sweetening, cleansing affect it has on the flavor of male semen. That’s all I had to offer in this particular discussion.

  2. Bojangles

    30. Apr, 2011

    Bout to start the diet now

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