How To Improve Semen Taste With 20 Tasty Foods

How To Improve Semen Taste With 20 Tasty Foods

Now is the time that you have to face the reality that if your cum is nasty, the odds are she’s not going to swallow. Trust me, you want her to swallow, at least I do and most of my friends do. icon smile How To Improve Semen Taste With 20 Tasty Foods

During my journey towards improving myself in all ways possible, I became enlightened with the fact that I could make my sex life better while achieving all of the other things I always wanted to make happen.

My girlfriend brought up the subject of how good my cum tastes when it’s in her mouth. Well, needless to say, I follow a strict diet that ensures my cum will always taste good when I drop a load off in her mouth.

Here’s 20 tasty foods that will improve your semen taste, as long as you incorporate it into your regular diet.

  1. Kiwi
    Many people don’t understand just how tasty a Kiwi can be. However, it’s very juicy and it can also help you improve the taste of your come.

  2. Celery
    I love eating celery personally, it’s a tasty and healthy snack. In fact, I try to eat celery on a daily basis, but that doesn’t happen all of the time for me. It’s great that it assures my semen will be more pleasant to taste.

  3. Watermelon
    On a warm summer day, nothing seems better than a juicy slice of watermelon. It’s sticky, yummy, and it’s a food that improves the taste of a man’s semen.

  4. Cranberries
    Since this isn’t my favorite food, I usually just have a glass of cranberry juice when I feel up to it. This helps the cum maintain a mild taste making it easier to stand than bitter cum.

  5. Plums
    There are many health benefits of plums that most of us have known about for quite some time now. However, I was surprised to find that it was one of the foods that has been effective in making cum taste better.

  6. Blueberries
    To me, blueberries are unique and great to eat. Probably about twice a week, I eat blueberries with something (whether it’s a tasty recipe or blueberry muffins that I make). The reason for this is that is promotes good tasting semen.

  7. Grapes
    I’m the kind of person that always has a stock of grapes on hand. When I feel a little hungry, I will eat some as a snack. This is also something that helps take away the bitterness of cum and make it mild for the other party in my sex life.

  8. Mangoes
    This is definitely an exotic fruit that I’m quite fond of. Incorporating mangoes into your diet can help you make your cum taste more appealing to your lover when they want to savor your juices.

  9. Peppermint
    In order to keep peppermint in my diet, I carry a few pieces of peppermint candy to savor throughout each day. Peppermint is know to provide your cum with a sweeter taste.

  10. Apples
    Apples are a great snack and they promote a milder taste in semen. Sure, it won’t sweeten it like peppermint, but it helps control the bitterness.

  11. Cinnamon
    Whether on a dessert or in a recipe, incorporating fresh cinnamon will help sweeten the taste of semen. I don’t do this every day, but at least once a week I do it.

  12. Lemon
    I usually put lemon in my tea and over gourmet meals that I prepare. It makes the food come to life and assures that my semen won’t ever become bitter.

  13. Pineapple Juice
    Want some sweet tasting cum? Just keep some cold pineapple juice around and it will sweeten your semen. It tastes great, and so will your cum when your make her swallow a load. icon smile How To Improve Semen Taste With 20 Tasty Foods

  14. Parsley
    Parsley provides food with a unique flavor when it’s used wisely in the cooking process. It also helps create a neutral-tasting cum that’s much better to swish around in her mouth, she will love it!

  15. Green Tea
    Green Tea contains powerful antioxidants that helps flush all of the nasty stuff out of your body. The nasty stuff is what ends up making your cum taste nasty, so you definitely want to drink a little green tea on a daily basis.

  16. Cantaloupe
    This is a favorite among many men, and it helps lighten the taste of semen while providing the user with other healthy benefits.

  17. Lettuce
    Eating a healthy salad each day will help your cum taste better, not to mention keep your body in a healthy state. The nutrients in lettuce promotes great tasting cum as well as a healthy body which is going to help you in more ways than one.

  18. Strawberries
    Strawberries are awesome, they taste awesome, and they sweeten the taste of your cum. This is one of the most delicious foods on this list that I make regular use of.

  19. Bananas
    Grab a banana, throw it in a bowl of whole grain cereal in the morning or just eat it by itself. Either way, you’re making your semen taste better and getting a good source of potassium at the same time.

  20. Peaches
    Peaches are good in many ways, and it’s easy to whip up a delicious peach recipe. This particular food will also replace bitter cum with sweeter cum.

As you can easily see, it’s not hard to make your cum taste better and it’s not a nasty experience by any means. I hope that this page has helped you get on the route to an improvement in your everyday life. icon smile How To Improve Semen Taste With 20 Tasty Foods

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26 Responses to “How To Improve Semen Taste With 20 Tasty Foods”

  1. Jason

    26. Jul, 2010

    These are some great tips!! Haha even tho you’re hetero, having sweet tasting cum is like a pre-requisite for being gay. Hahaha my guys def like it :)

  2. alex

    11. Nov, 2010

    how long does it take to make the cum sweeter?

  3. Chris

    17. Nov, 2010

    It took about a week for me to notice a difference. Thanks for the imagery, Jason :) haha yeah I think all guys should be conscious of it. I ask my wife every so often what the taste is like since I’m trying to optimize it.

    I don’t care if she doesn’t swallow all the time. I told her please don’t bcause its nicer if it’s a surprise.

    But I still want to taste really good for her. Funny thing is she said my ass tastes like apples and honey.. Whatttttttttt I could become an aztec king overnight with that kind of news. hahahah

  4. skrapy

    14. Jan, 2011

    LMFAO!! :P thats verry intemeresting XD!!

  5. hayes

    10. Feb, 2011

    How often do you have to eat or how much?

    btw kudos to the ass flavoring

  6. Chris

    14. Feb, 2011

    I know this sounds crazy but these days I just take my AnimalPak vitamins and eat 1-2 apples a day plus lots of protein, then my meals are various spicy soups, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, a little meat here and there… I’m really surprised but maybe it’s the apples?

  7. Dillon

    24. Feb, 2011


  8. Jeff

    13. Mar, 2011

    Yes. As this article states, a healthy diet has MANY benefits. Cancer didn’t run in my family, but I found out last year at the age of 49 that I had cancer in my colon. I underwent surgery to remove half my colon and the recovery that followed. And I did great with the recovery.
    (Except my cock was dead for the next few weeks after surgery and that kinda scared me because I didn’t think it was coming back).
    I realized then that I needed to make some dietary and life changes to get healthy again. As a smoker, partier, and drinker of many years, this was kinda tough, especially when I knew that I wasn’t eating right either. (Always too busy at work to eat right).
    So as a guy, I approached these problems thinking like a guy. When I got done, I not only wanted to have the biggest, healthiest, most beautiful cock that I’ve ever had in my life,
    (and thankfully I had something nice to start with), but I wanted to be able to consistently offer a VERY large, SWEET TASTING load to my wife, who for 27 years didn’t swallow, and yes, it hurt alot.
    I’ve learned since then that beer can make your come taste bitter. (NOW they tell me)! They should warn you about THAT on the can! I’m considering a lawsuit for 27 years of bad BJ’s and mental anguish!
    On my 50th birthday, at long last, my wife took my whole load in her mouth and swallowed it all, but hasn’t done it again since. (She always WAS a picky-belly). LOL
    But it was then that I decided to research this and make some changes.
    First of all, I wanted a REALLY big load. And keeping yourself well-hydrated is job 1.
    Then I started a Men’s multi-vitamin from Giant Eagle. They said to compare it to Centrum Silver.
    I also take a supplement called L-Arginine Complete, (available on the web), which feeds a guys circulatory and reproductive systems, and finally, a supplement called Cocoa-Via (which is also available on the web), and is great for the circulatory system. Remember that if it’s good for your heart, it’s good for your dick.
    And the rest of my program has been very enjoyable. In fact, all of these changes have helped and felt good to do.
    Let’s face it, there’s no better motivation for a guy to get back in shape than watching his “goodies” start to fail.
    But you CAN change it, and reverse it if it happens. I’ve gotten into the habit of eating a bowl of oatmeal with wheat germ 2 or 3 times a week. That’s been proven to make a guys load thicker and bigger. Celery has also been shown not only to increase ejaculate volume, but to make it taste milder. I love eating it too. It’s supposed to hormonally drive girls wild. I’ll let you know since I’ll be eating alot. : )

  9. Jeff

    25. Mar, 2011

    how you like dem’ apples

  10. John

    09. Apr, 2011

    My wife Maria likes it so much she organised a party with about 10 Men on the pill and pulled down their trousers and asked us to cum all over her face.

  11. Keivonte

    05. May, 2011

    iM actually starting this week….. my ex told me i didn’t have the best tasting semen….. so iM gonna try this n see iF iT actually works ^-^ n iAlready got a chik to try my experiment on *High5* LOLOLOL

  12. Chris

    05. May, 2011

    hah, some of your responses are obviously jokes. But there are some serious people here who are actually learning and making some changes. Good luck to you!

  13. maria

    13. May, 2011

    ya i been looking cuz my man dosent have the best cum , n he wants to cum in my mouth n i just will not like it if it dose taste right his seem sour..

  14. maven

    16. May, 2011

    Lettuce? I thought cruciferous and leafy plants were to be avoided? cabbage and etc

  15. Chris

    18. May, 2011

    @Maven – Lettuce is fine but cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage contain things like sulfur so for sweet tasting semen, they are not helpful.

  16. Sam

    31. May, 2011

    How much pineapple juice should i be drinking if i want my semen to taste better ?? What foods and drinks improve the taste more quicker than others ?

  17. BartBart

    12. Jun, 2011

    I see that watermelon is on both the lists for how to make your cum taste better, and how to produce more cum. Guess what just got added to the grocery list :)

  18. kg73

    19. Jul, 2011

    Don’t change it, mask it! My husband brought home a product called Masque that made his semen taste like chocolate (and what woman – or man – can argue with that?) It works great and even provided a little numbing action, which was great for any gagging problems. Check it out at

  19. jessm242

    22. Jul, 2011

    I looked up that Masque and have ordered some. I’ll let you know how it goes!!

  20. Jeff Tomas

    15. Aug, 2011

    Please, anybody tell me how long does it take, and how much intake per day to make it happen, and which one is the most effective…really need help right now..

  21. Susan

    16. Aug, 2011

    Wonder if these will work for women as well! :)

  22. Wm2slc

    03. Sep, 2011

    I have a lady friend that I was going to see in a few days, and she has always spit… I did 3 days of pineapple juice, pineapple, natural course apple sauce with cinnamon and other fruits like blueberries, strawberries, kiwi etc.
    Well, we got together and she did her normal spiting on my stomach, then mentioned it tasted really good and slurped it back up. That was better than swallowing…
    She asked what I did, I told her and we are going to be testing it both ways.(BTW, she already tastes awesome, but why argue)

  23. Abrielle

    19. Sep, 2011

    Hey boys, i wanted to vouch for these foods that my man eats regularly. He particularly eats Blueberries, Peaches and Cantaloupes and i,ve found that combination to be the sweetest, heaviest (which is the way i like it) cum i have ever tasted. I strongly advise to eat those three often to please your Woman….or Man.

  24. Tracy

    25. Sep, 2011

    I drink a six oz can of pineapple juice every morning and my cum tastes great.

  25. please i will like to know some of the african local foods and drinks i should be taking to always have a high and good quality sperm count.

    19. Nov, 2011

    please i so much like ur write ups, please can u be sending it mail to my mail box. My e-mail address is Thanks.

  26. Tyger

    09. Dec, 2011

    I was surprised with some of the comments in here and how many guys feel appreciated when their woman swallows. I haven’t been able to convince mine to yet, and after a few rejections it seemed hopeless. It’s more of a texture thing for her, evidently it reminds her of snot and makes her gag, which is a little dissapoining because i don’t mind her cervical mucus, and anal sex isn’t always the cleanest not to mention periods, but I never complain.

    Maybe we can work up to it one day, but in the mean time ill do whatever I can to make it a more pleasurable experience for her.

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