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Hey, Chris here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay, black or white, American or Korean. We all have personal goals to help us be the best men we can be.

  1. Do you want to increase your semen volume naturally?
  2. Would you like to perform with more stamina?
  3. How about more intense pleasure and rock-hard erections?

Sounds great, right? Well, that’s what I wanted too. I don’t have any desire to increase my size. I just enjoy ejaculating more and performing better, while experiencing more exciting feelings with my wife.

Just like you, I’m fine how I am without supplements. But I want more. It’s who I am and it shows in my career, my workouts, my music, everything I do. I always want to be moving forward.

In my research, I’ve spent a total of $872.61 on various male enhancement products. I stayed away from gimmicky stuff since I’m not in it for those reasons. I tested many supplements and ended up with two that work the best for me. In addition…

  • I have developed my own personalized and ever-changing HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout program.
  • I take my own stack of supplements to maximize my performance in the gym and anywhere else. You may even be doing the same with multivitamins, anti-catabolic supplements, and more.

My Personal Supplement Stack And Results

Feel free to experiment on your own. These are the supplements that work the best for me, so I take them daily. They are safe to take every day, but just for good measure I cycle them in a 6 days on 1 day off schedule, along with my other performance supplements.

My #1 Goals:

  1. Increase semen volume during ejaculation.
  2. Increase the length of orgasm for more enjoyment
  3. Increase my confidence and sperm health

Goal Accomplished with Semenax:

semenax Best Male Enhancement StackThis supplement is formulated to help you experience more intense orgasms that last longer and deliver much bigger loads of semen. From my experience, it’s much more enjoyable when the experience lasts 5-10 "blasts" instead of 2-3. I use Semenax to maintain that higher volume and pleasure. And in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t make my balls hurt or anything like that. I’m happy with it.

Visit Semenax

Special update: I recently was running low on my Semenax supply so I went to their site to order more and found their new "Diamond Package" and saved $160 off the price I paid last time.

I actually ordered two diamonds since I know I’ll use Semenax for at least the next 2 years. It comes in a plain discreet UPS box, so I just keep that in my closet.

semenax diamond 500x250 Best Male Enhancement Stack


My #2 Goals:

  1. Increase hardness of erections
  2. Boost stamina during sex
  3. Improve sex drive
  4. Feel more pleasure overall during sex

Mission Accomplished! Here’s how I did it.

vigrxplus box1 Best Male Enhancement StackAgain, I didn’t try this product to make my package bigger. I’m cool with my size. But after I went through a tremendously stressful time in my life (was forced to sell my main business to pay off back taxes, 100% my fault from when I was young), I just honestly was not very interested in sex.

While I did still enjoy sex, I felt like something was missing! I also wasn’t working out very often at that time, so I think my testosterone was at an all-time low. Anyway, I busted my ass to recover financially and then started back on my health. I got back in the gym and started eating better foods, cooking at home more, etc… but something was still missing.

After some research I found VigRx Plus. I noticed some websites claiming that pills like VigRx plus can permanently increase your length and girth. I didn’t believe that and I don’t want to get bigger. I DID want more FULL and hard erections though.

Before I started taking VigRx plus, I just felt like my erections were at 85-90%… For me, that’s just unacceptable. I decided to try VigRX plus and hope for the best.

Fast forward to today: I’ve been taking VigRx Plus for over 1 year. I use it in my 6 days on 1 day off cycle and I’m enjoying the results. I’ve also noticed it seems to boost my testosterone, increasing my stamina during my conditioning workouts as well. So that’s a cool added benefit for me.


vigrxplus diamond Best Male Enhancement Stack


Thanks for reading my story and I hope my experience and report has been helpful for you! Please leave a comment below: